mindfully being with ease and kindness

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is choosing to pay attention to what goes on in our body, our mind and in the world around us in the present moment and in a non-judgmental way.

By learning to be more fully aware and present in each moment we turn to face whatever presents itself now. Often our thoughts dwell in the past or anticipate the future rather than being in the present moment. Experiencing the joy of the present moment makes life more enjoyable, interesting, vivid and fulfilling. Equally so, by engaging with the reality of stress and emotional difficulty in the present moment, rather than avoiding or pushing it away, we begin to see these difficult experiences in a different light. This can happen by feeling less stuck or noticing different options, granting us more strength and confidence in our possibilities. By practicing to acknowledge difficult and unpleasant experiences with curiosity and kindness rather than criticism, we effectively reduce unhappiness.

The mindfulness course aims to assist you in taking better care of yourself and in living life to the fullest. You will learn to face your difficulties with kindness and gentleness and you will receive support while doing this.


  • The Pattern, Shanavougha,
    Midleton Co. Cork