mindfully being with ease and kindness

Who can benefit from a mindfulness course?

Most of us find ourselves frequently 'swept away' by the current of thoughts, or re-runs of negative thoughts, feelings, worries, pressures and responsibilities; resulting in wanting things to be different from how they are right now. This can be particularly powerful when we are faced with pain, difficulties and illness that confound our attempts to find a solution or to feel better. Feeling stuck in this way can be draining. Mindfulness can help us to work directly with the struggle we sometimes have in relating to life's experience and in doing so can improve the quality of our life.

The course is therefore potentially open to any of us who are at a point in our lives where we wish to, and are ready to look deeply at ourselves. Any of us

  • wishing to develop more kindness and compassion for ourselves and others
  • wanting to slow down
  • feeling stuck and wanting to move on
  • wanting to develop or enhance a meditation practice
  • with a history of depression
  • with stress or stress related disorders
  • wishing to understand more about our vulnerabilities (anxiety, depression and fear)
  • with chronic pain
  • with long term illnesses or their carers
  • with ongoing mental ill-health


  • The Pattern, Shanavougha,
    Midleton Co. Cork